FAQ Sending Emails

Q: I no longer want to send a scheduled email. What do I do?
A: You should delete the email on the individual email screen: “Delete This Email”

Figure 1:

Q: I still want to send an email, but at a different time. What do I do?
A:  Change “edit send time” on the individual email from Figure 1

Q: If you determine in advance that it is ok to send on upcoming days, but want to update the email send time
A: Change “edit send time” from Figure 1 on each individual email that you want to change the time.

Q:  What happens if Emma's servers are down when the email is scheduled to send?
A:  The email send time will be delayed.  You will see a notification on your Kurate dashboard and Kurate will continue to try and send the email every 15 minutes until the email sends.

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