4. Configure a Stream

Kurate.it uses what we call "Streams" to schedule automated emails and send your WordPress content with the power of Emma. A stream is a set of automatically recurring emails whose content can be customized according to WordPress categories, which can be sent to a specific Emma group.  

Note: a stream automatically generates emails for the next two weeks and will continue to generate new emails until the stream is paused

To set up a stream:

Create a new stream from the Kurate.it streams page

Customize your stream using the following parameters:

Stream Name - Used only for admin purposes (subscribers won't see this)

Emma Audience - Select the subscribers you would like to receive your weekly email.  Your audience can be segments or groups.

Sends on - Select the day(s) of the week when your email will send

Categories - Select the post categories you would like to appear in your emails.

Number of Posts - Select the number of posts that you would like to appear in the email.  This is always an exact number. If you select two and only one post is new at the time the email is sent, the most recent post will be the first article in the email followed by the post from the previous day.

Sends at - Select the time of day when your email will send.  All times are CST in accordance with Emma server times.

Default Options - All of the default fields (Subject, Preheader Text, Sender Name, etc.) will be used unless customized on individual emails

Google Analytics - This follows the functionality of Emma's integration.  For more information, visit Emma's help article on Google Analytics

Stream Color - For admin purposes and upgraded accounts only (colors are used to differentiate between multiple streams). When you're done, your stream will look something like this:

If you ever want to turn a stream off, move the green toggle to the left and the stream will stop sending emails.

Congratulations! Streams of emails have now been configured and will be sent to your audience. You are now ready to configure individual emails (optional).

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